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The overall mandate of the KVK is to develop and disseminate location specific technological modules at district level through Technology Assessment, Refinement and Demonstration and to act as Knowledge and Resource Centre for agriculture and its allied activities. The specific activities to carry out this mandate are:

On Farm Testing 2020-21

  1. Assessment of drought tolerant groundnut varieties for Tiruchirappalli district
  2. Assessment of different nutrient management techniques in rainfed cotton
  3. Assessing the performance of different varieties in banana under wetland condition
  4. Assessment of bio control agents against fusarium wilt disease in Banana
  5. Assessment of different dehydration technique for banana (Ranipoovan) flour preparation
  6. Assessment of TNAU mobile App among Banana growers
  7. Assessing the performance of different microbial consortia in brinjal
  8. Assessing the performance of different seed drill for Blackgram in rice fallow pulses
  9. Assessing the performance of different coconut tree climber
  10. Study on Impact of KVK Interventions on Agriculture and Allied Sector during COVID-19 Lockdown period – A Critical Analysis

Front Line Demonstrations 2020-21

  1. Demonstration of ICM in new Rice variety VGD1
  2. Demonstration of Organic production technology in rice
  3. Demonstration of Integrated Pest and Disease management in Paddy
  4. Demonstration of management modules for fall armyworm in maize
  5. Demonstration of blackgram variety VBN 9 for rice fallow condition
  6. Demonstration of greengram variety VBN 4
  7. Demonstration of Integrated Pest and Disease management in groundnut
  8. Demonstration of sesame new variety VRI 3
  9. Demonstration of ICM in Castor
  10. Demonstration of ICM in Banana
  11. Demonstration of ICM in bhendi hybrid CO4
  12. Demonstration of ICM in Ixora
  13. Demonstration of Rotopuddler for paddy
  14. Demonstration of Groundnut harvester
  15. Demonstration of Sorghum harvester
  16. Demonstration of cotton picking machine for drudgery reduction
  17. Demonstration of 10 cent model fodder plot
  18. Demonstration of TANUVAS Aseel in backyard poultry
  19. Demonstration of dehydrated tomato products using solar dryer
  20. Effectiveness of pro tray technique through vegetable nursery club among farm women (Farmer Participatory Group approach)
  21. Commodity group approach for rice fallow pulses cultivation

Training programmes 2020-21